Simulates electrostatic breakdown due to discharge phenomena (CDM) from charged devices, components, and wafers.

Test & Measurement Technology

CDM Tester

MODEL 1100-CDM series
[Full automatic] CDM Tester

Model 1100-CDM is the latest model developed as a successor to the conventional CDM-550, and supports testing methods (Field-Induced CDM) that conform to international standards. In addition, a camera and a high-accuracy robot can apply CDM stress to a precise position.

Fully automatic CDM tester / 1100 series

The large work area (especially in the height direction) can easily support CDM tests on devices, modules, and components mounted on boards with special shapes.

Pin contact

Charged Device Model (CDM) is to simulate a discharge to metal from any metal terminal of a charged electronic component or from a small metal tool held by a charged human body to metal terminal of an electronic component. CDM discharge causes very fast charge transfer, and then component is damaged by the voltage stress. The CDM test system analyzes the robustness of component against CDM stress.

Field-Induced CDM Test

The test is widely used in the world.


  • Meets ESDA/JEDEC JS-002
  • Max zapping voltage 4kV
  • Precise positioning by camera and high-accuracy robot
  • Contact pin can be exchanged according to the shape of the device pin.
  • Pogo pin structure that does not apply load to device pins (BGA)
  • CDM discharge detection function
  • Dehumidification function to control humidity to 30% or less
  • Cleaning function of contact pin
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