[Full automatic] CDM Tester | Model 550 series

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CDM Tester Model CDM-550 Series


Charged Device Model (CDM) is to simulate a discharge to metal from any metal terminal of a charged electronic component or from a small metal tool held by a charged human body to metal terminal of an electronic component. CDM discharge causes very fast charge transfer, and then component is damaged by the voltage stress. The CDM test system analyzes the robustness of component against CDM stress. Model 550 optionally includes robustness measurement refer to total amount of discharged charge, addition to robustness measurement refer to charged voltage. Fully automated CDM test may be available if optional DC test with test heads is specified.

Model CDM 550D

Direct charging CDM Test System that is popular in Japan.

Model CDM 550F

Field-Induced CDM Test System that is widely used in the world.


  • Meets JEDEC, EIAJ and ESDA specifications
  • Direct charging CDM Test (Model 550D Series)
  • Field-Induced CDM Test System (Model 550F Series)
  • Direct charging and Field-Induced CDM Test System (Model 550DF Series)
  • Stable and repeatable discharge waveform
  • Easy positioning between DUT pin and contact tip
  • DUT capacitance measurement at high charged voltage
  • Damage charge or damage energy can be measured
  • Up to 10 DUTs on DUT jig
  • BGA and TCP tested easily
  • Relay discharge available
  • Network operation
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