New Products information
Successor of the Model 7000 has been completer. Expandability up to 1024 pins and a lot of property DUT boards compatibly used with the new system are major fetures.
[Test Modes]
・ESD test
・Latch-up test

・Max pin count:1024
・Max Supply voltage 100V
・Max Current 5A
・Max supplies: 6 pcs

ESD / CDM / Latch-up tester Products information
This single system allows ESD, Latch-up and CDM test meeting standards so that high price preformance is expected.
ESD Station Model1200
[Test Modes]
・ESD Test
・CDM Test
・Latch-up Test

・Semiconductor devices
・Electronics/Chip component
・PC Board components

ESD / CDM / TLP Products Information
Bench top ESD Simulator used by a lot of world wide customers. This model includes many options for the customer's rquirements.
Ecdm Series
[Test modes]
・ESD Test
・CDM Test
・TLP Test

・Low Cost
・Manual Operation/PC control
・Meets any ESD Standards
・Wafer Test available


We have collabolated with many semiconductor and electronics component companies on ESD and static charge controls.
Also, these high voltage and high speed pulse technologies allow us to develop a lot of Test and Alalysis systems.

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