Long-term monitoring system of semiconductor/sample under high voltage/temp/humidity.

Test & Measurement Technology

Accidents and troubles caused by degradations and malfunctions of devices are increasing rapidly in recent years.
By the high-voltage accelerated test inside of the high temperature and humid environment, we have been working to shorten the evaluation time of the resistance for your product.
Additionally, we manufacture Soft error tester to evaluate the soft error of memory devices stressed by radiations of memory.

Gate Leakage (GL) Tester

  • Gate Leakage (GL) Tester Model 6900 Model 6900
    * Meet AEC-Q100-006 REV-C
    * High Voltage: +/- 0V to 20KV
    * Model 6900A: Automated Model

Electromigration Tester

  • Electromigration Tester Model 6800 Series Model 6800
    * High Voltage: 100V to 2KV
    * Test device: 64 (max)
    * High temperature oven (option)

Transistor/FET Burn-in Tester

  • Running(Burn-in) Tester Model 6300 Model 6300
    * Burn-in tester to monitor the current of TR/FET for a long period of time
    * 1 unit: 10 channel
    * Oven (option)

Semiconductor memory Soft error Tester

  • >Semiconductor memory Soft error Tester Model SFT-5000
    * Error detection for radioactive ray such as alpha, neutron, etc.
    * Test device: 1024 (max)
    * Timing control of 50MHz (max)