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ESD Event Detector Model EV-10A Series

Model EV-10A Series

ESD Event Detector/Data Logging System

ESD Event Detector
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EV-10A detects ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) and records them in a PC. ESD sensitive (ESDs) electronic components increase rapidly. If electro-static charge is not strictly controlled in the production line of these components or in the assemble line using them, the yield will be decreased. If EV-10A is connected to a PC, received ESD and DCI are continuously monitored and detected time and level are recorded. By comparing the production line failures and the recorded data, you may find if static charge control is required. Or, you can verify if static-charge control is done properly.

Static charging because of DCI (Dynamic Charge Induction) occurs if relative location of the charged object and the other objects changes or if voltage of one object changes though relative location is constant. This charging is a threat of ESD. The charging does not cause ESD in most cases, but it may cause ESD some cases. The gap between the 2 conductive objects is very close and air between them break down, or contact between 2 conductive objects with different voltage are the typical ESD examples. The EV-10A receives induced voltage by a special sphere antenna and records it in a PC.

It can be used as a stand-alone unit, without a PC.


  • Detected time and level of ESD for long time.
  • Detected time and level of DCI for long time.
  • More sensitive (about 10 times) and broader BW (2GHz) than the predecessor
  • Multiple units connected to a PC
  • Standard PCs software supported
  • A lot of display and data handling
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