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Tokyo Electronics Trading Co., Ltd. (TET) is a small, but high tech electronics company base upon the high speed pulse technology as well as additional know how. We design, build, import and sell variety instruments and automated systems those measure or analyze analog or digital signals with high precision. Since established in 1977, we have been contributing for many customers to develop electronics components and semiconductor devices.

Technologically, TET started from sales and maintenance of high performance pulse generators and other instruments manufactured by E-H Research Laboratories in the USA. Today, we produce fully automated ESD and Latch-up Test Systems, CDM Test Systems and other tailored systems.

Not only design and sell products, but we may contribute to improve the scheduling of your development projects by our activities such as maintenance, making applications and consulting, because we are professional of electronics measurements.

<Company Name> Tokyo Electronics Trading Co., Ltd. (TET)
<Establishment> July 19, 1977
<Capital> ¥19,805,500(japanese yen)
<President> Satoshi Isofuku
<Number of employees> 15
<Address> 4-8-26, Nishiki-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo
190-0022 Japan
Tel: +81-42-548-8011 Fax: +81-42-548-8013
<Purpose of the company> International and domestic trading, design and production
of electronic instruments.

1977 Establishment at Fuchu-shi, Tokyo with paid-up capital of
4,000,000 yens. The exclusive distributors contract with two
US companies were signed and started import from them as
well as system business with the imported instruments.
1977 Moved to Hoya-shi, Tokyo.
1978 Paid-up capital increased to 8,000,000 yens.
1981 Moved to Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo.
1983 Paid-up capital increased to 12,000,000 yens.
1984 Developed First Fully Automated ESD & Latch-up Tester.
1985 Paid-up Capital increased to \16,000,000.
1987 Developed First Latch-up Tester.
1990 Developed an AC parameter test system.*1
1991 Developed a Direct charging CDM test system.*1
1996 Developed Model 7000 ESD and Latch-up test system*2
1997 Moved to Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo.
1998 Started representation of Barth Electronics.
1999 Stared distribution of Anti-static chairs.
Developed a CDM test system that allows robustness charge.
2000 Paid-up capital increased to 19,805,500 yens.
2001 Electro-Static event detector, EV-10A, developed.
Started handling Switch System imported from Pickering Interfaces, UK.
2002 Model 7500, 128 pin ESD & Latch-up Tester, developed.
R & D purpose Pattern Generator for Write Strategy optimization developed.
Model 400S series wafer level semi-auto ESD tester developed.
*1 Development was done by receiving a debt guarantee of VEC(Venture Enterprise Center)
*2 Development was done by receiving fund from Tokyo Metropolitan.

<Major products>

--- Barth Electronics------------------
*TLP test system
*Wafer probe
*High voltage and fast rise time pulse generator
*High power coaxial products

-- Pickering Interface------------------
*GP-IB, RS-232, Ethernet controlled swicth module
*PXI switch module
*PXI instrument module
*VXI switch module
*PCI switch module

-- Gibo/Kodama------------------
*ESD chairs for office
*ESD chairs for laboratory
*ESD chairs for production line
*ESD chairs for clean room

-----------------Tokyo Electronics Trading---------------------
*ESD tester
*Latch-up tester
*DRAM soft error tester
*Gate leakage tester
*Very fast AC parameter tester
*DC matrix
*CDM tester
*Josephson device driver/comparator
*CMOS driver
*TLP tester
*Multiple channel pulse generator
*Very wide bandwidth test jig
*DV/DT generator for photo-coupler
*Delay generator
*Open/short tester

<Bank account> *Asahi Bank, Tachikawa branch
*Tama Chuou Shinkin Bank, Kunitachi branch
*Tokyo Tomin Bank, Tachikawa branch
*Daiichi Kangyou Bank, Tama Sakuragaoka branch
*Seibu Shinkin Bank, Tachikawa Minamiguchi branch