Faulty electronics/PC which electrostatic discharge causes and Anti-static chairs.

Test & Measurement Technology

Effect of Anti-static chairs

Anti-static chairs discharge the electro-static charge of the human body by a safe speed, through the dissipative resistance, though static charge is generated by friction between clothes or body and back or seat, or by contact between human body and chair if it is located on the conductive floor. If floor is isolated from ground, it does not work. Please use on the conductive floor or conductive carpet.

ESD Event Detector

The strength, frequency of the static charging and discharging in a production line or work area are collectable over a long period of time with data analysis software for exclusive use. Use it for the confirmation before and after the static electricity countermeasure.


Anti-static chairs


At our company, we started import and sale of Anti-static chairs of Gibo/Kodama from U.S.A. Gibo/Kodama is manufacturing the optimal chair for the broad use from general office work to cleanrooms [for class 10] based on the sufficient experience on the static electricity. Moreover, it has adjustment functions against body size and body shape with selections of the optimal foam density and sheet form from all the models, and are designed for comfortable but long time work environment. Please confirm the quality of Gibo/Kodama.