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Latch-up Tester
Model 8600

Basically manual operation bench top Latch-up Tester provides all elements required for the latch-up test such as constant current pulse, programmable power supplies, simple pattern generator, timing generator and pull-up/down function, though some of them are optional.
Other options include GP-IB interface, constant voltage pulse source, HBM and MM pulse generator.

Model 8600

Constant current source: 1mA to 999mA,    Width: 0.2ms to 99.9ms
Latch-up detection PS: 3V to 50V, 1A,  Current measurement:1mA to 999mA
Aux power supply: 0.1V to 50V,  Current measurement: 0.1mA to 99.9mA
Test Head Pin Count: 64
AC Power supply: 100VAC±10%, Approx. 300VA

  • Simple Pattern Generator
  • ESD Pulse Generator (HBM, MM)
  • Current limiter
  • GP-IB Interface
  • Constant Voltage Pulse source
  • Pin extension unit