[Wafer/Chip Model] Semi-auto ESD Tester | Ecdm-400S series

Test & Measurement Technology

ESD/CDM Simulator for Wafer/Chip
Model Ecdm-400SW

400SW(for wafer)/400SC(for chip)

Wafer/Chip/Package Semi-automated ESD tester

ESD/CDM Tester [400SW/SC]

Semi-automated ESD tester featuring Ecdm 400E, Universal ESD Simulator. Used with a manual wafer probing system or a die manipulator, wafer or die level semi-auto ESD test can be done, as well as packaged device test. Damage is detected by V-I curve or leakage current change detection. Stress level and measurement points are programmed by personal computor via GP-IB. Once test terminals are selected, ESD endurance is automatically measured.


  • Meets every standards such as MIL, EIA/JEDEC, JEITA, AEC and ESDA (HBM and MM).
  • Low cost test for wafer or die
  • V-I cucrve can be monitored on PC display during ESD test.
  • Current through multiple ground return can be monitored separately.
  • ESD waveform can be customited to user specs as well as above published specs.
  • Rapid test is possible because a little programming and no DUT board required.
  • Picoammeter may be available as an option.
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