[Full automatic High-Pin-Count] ESD/LATCH-UP Test System | Model 7000X

Test & Measurement Technology

ESD/LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000X

ESD Tester Model 7000X-E
LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000X-L
ESD/LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000X-EL

HBM and MM test are the major ESD test for the semiconductor reliability. Also, the latch-up test may not be avoided on the CMOS devices. M7000 series is the system to support these requirements to meet world wide standards.

Features and Functions

  • Meeting MIL,EIA/JEDEC,JEITA,AEC,ESDA standards
  • System pin count up to 1024 pins
  • Max DC current of system pin:4A
  • Up to 10 DUTs on a DUT board tested
  • Diagnostics of the system and waveform
  • Optional 5 years warranty
  • Safety functions

ESD Functions

  • 8kV HBM Max
  • High Speed Zapping Mode available
  • Various PIn Combination test
  • Damage Detection by high precision V/I meter
  • High Speed damage detection (Option)

Latch-up test functions

  • Uo to 6 Latch-up Detection supplies
  • 3 supplies for the Max-Hi/Min-Low and Vector pattern included
  • Additional external supplies (Option)
  • 155℃ Latch-up test head available (Option)
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