[Most Advanced fully automated test system] ESD/Latch-up Tester | Model7000B

Test & Measurement Technology

ESD/LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000B (Most Advanced)

ESD Tester Model 7000B-E
LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000B-L
ESD/LATCH-UP Tester Model 7000B-EL

Model 7000B is the most upgraded model in the Series. This model provides high expandability up to 1024 pins as well as convenience allowing the stocked DUT boards of the Model 7000.
Additionally, by the modification of the relay matrix structure, max. 6 supplies can be installed for the latch-up test as well as the vector patterns for the dynamic device stabilization can be selected by program so that the operation becomes much improved.

For the ESD test, the ESD Pulse generator(EPG) unit is attached to the one axis robot to define the ESD waveform specifications allowing the very simple procedures to meet ESD standard as well as the specifications with long system life.

Features and Functions

  • Meeting MIL, EIA/JEDEC, JEITA, AEC, ESDA Standards
  • Number of pin count up to 1024 pins
  • Max current of the system pin: 5A (512 system)
  • Tests up to 10 devices on one DUT boad
  • System and waveform diagnostics
  • Optionally 5 years warranty
  • Safety functions

ESD Section

  • 8000V Max HBM
  • High Speed ESD Zapping Mode
  • Various Pin combination Tests
  • Damage detection by the high precision V/I supply
  • High Speed Damage Detection (Option)

Latch-up Section

  • Max # of Latch-up detection supply: 6
  • 3 supplies for the Max-Hi, Min-Low and vector pattern as standard
  • Additional external supplies (Option)
  • Latch-up test up to 155℃ (Option)
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