[Full automatic 128 pins] ESD/LATCH-UP Tester | Model 7500

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ESD/LATCH-UP Tester Model 7500

Max 128 pins : Model 7500E/7500L/7500EL
ESD tester [Model7500E]

Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) ESD Test is the most important reliability test among the ESD test of the semiconductor device. Latch-up test is also important as the reliability test of the CMOS devices. Model 7500 series is 128 pin ESD & Latch-up Test System that fills all of these requirements.


ESD/LATCH-UP tester[Model7500EL]

ESD Pulse Generator (EPG) unit mounted to the single axis robot defines the model of ESD. By this configuration, new or other ESD models could be installed only by replacing EPG units, allowing variety of ESD waveform standards. Also, test by the old standard is quite easy. Transient latch-up may be included shortly after it is specified, if any additional requirement on power supply will not be specified.


  • Meets every standard such as MIL, EIA/JEDEC, JEITA, AEC and ESDA
  • Up to 10 devices on a DUT board may be tested (128 total pins)
  • Zapping time may be saved down to 1/10 of the predecessor by high speed zapping
  • Space grade connector used at DUT board allows test in high temp. oven
  • ESD waveform meet customer dependent spec as well as published specs
  • Remote programming, control and data log possible by LAN connection
  • Up to 125 degree-C latch-up test available by optional high temp. oven
  • Latch-up waveform detected by an optional digital scope
  • Per-pin-electronics allows low path impedance and easy maintenance
  • Easy maintenance by ESD waveform diagnosis and system diagnosis
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