[Simple and easy operation Model] ESD/CDM Simulator | Ecdm-100EC/400EC/800EC

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ESD/CDM Simulator and options
Model Ecdm-100EC/400EC/800EC

ESD/CDM Simulator[Model Ecdm-100E/400E]

Ecdm Series is an inexpensive and manually controlled bench-top ESD simulator. By replacing an external probe or adaptor, every ESD event such as Human Body Model (HBM), Machine Model (MM) and Charged Device Model (CDM) including Field induced charge CDM (F-CDM) and Direct charge CDM (D-CDM) can be simulated.

If a Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) test configuration is requested, very high current V-I curve tracing as well as robustness test is done by narrow square pulse.Combining with wafer stage and manipulators, wafer level test may be done.


  • 4 functions, HBM, MM, D-CDM and F-CDM by 1 instrument
  • ESD test and noise immunity test
  • Meets any ESD standards
  • Maximum voltage up to 1kV or 4kV or 8kV
  • Discharge waveform monitored available as an option
  • TLP test available as an option
  • Wafer test available as an option
  • Mobile Charge measurement available as an option

Options of Model Ecdm-100EC/400EC/800EC

HBM, MM, D-CDM, F-CDM, TLP probes
Stand type probeBox type probe
[HBM or MM probe][CDM probe, XY stage]

Stand type probesDUT base, XY stage, probe
[AEC (ESDA) Air Discharge probe][Mobile charge measurement probe]
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