[LATCH-UP Test / DC Measurement test] Full automatic High-Pin-Count Tester Model 7600

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LATCH-UP Tester / DC tester Model 7600

Model 7600L / 7600M
LATCH-UP Tester[Model 7600L]
[512 pins latch-up tester Model 7600L]
The Model 7600L is a latchup and DC tester with maximum of 512 pins. The condition of device pins can be programed by relay switch matrix. Programming and operation is very easy providing the stable latchup test results.


Model 7600L

This model enable the latch-up test based on a standard as well as DC parameter test.

Model 7600M

This model only conducts DC test which measures very low leakage current measurement up to ICC or IDD power supply current.


  • Meets every standard such as MIL, EIA/JEDEC, EIAJ, AEC and ESDA
  • 3 trigger modes, Current pulse / Voltage pulse / Supply over voltages
  • Maximum # of power supplies : 12
  • Up to 10 devices on a DUT board may be tested
  • The pull-up/down on each pin
  • Clock / Pattern input
  • Icc current monitored on PC Monitor
  • Remote programming, control and data log possible by LAN connection
  • Up to 125 degree-C latch-up test available by optional high temp. oven
  • Optional connection with emission microscope detects latch-up location
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