[CMR Tester] dv/dt high-voltage pulse generator | Model 6200

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CMR Tester dv/dt high-voltage pulse generator Model 6200

CMR Tester dv/dt high-voltage pulse generator Model 6200

The ON-OFF state of photo coupler may sometimes change under the influence of a noise.

This is a dv/dt high-voltage pulse generator for CMR test. The dv/dt ranges has five kind. It can choose with a selection switch.


High Voltage DV/DT Generator

This unit supplies linear high voltage pulse that is used to test common mode noise immunity test of photo-couplers.Because photo-coupler socket, DC source of LED and secondary circuit are built in, it works as a common mode noise immunity tester once you supply a suitable scope. Waveforms below describe the linearity of 2kV/us ramp.

+1,000V amplitude

-1,000V amplitude

+2,000V amplitude

-2,000V amplitude

  • Pulse width is not specified.
  • Because this pulse provides linear ramp from very close to pulse start point (around 0V), it is not required to calculate DV/DT between 10% and 90% of the amplitude.


  • Pulse output voltage(dt) : 500V to 2kV
  • dv/dt selection : 1kV/us, 5kV/us, 10kV/us, 20kV/us, 30kV/us
  • Pulse Cycle : 0.25s, 0.3s, 0.4s, 0.5s, 1.0s
  • Pulse Count : 1, 3, 5, Continuous
  • lf current : 0 to 20mA(DC) lf power supply uses a battery.
  • Vcc power supply : An external power supply is connected to a Vcc power supply terminal.


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